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Completion of A Difficult Task Repair of Motorcycle Lane on Taiwan Boulevard

Surface improvement construction on Taiwan Boulevard was gradually completed-2
Surface improvement construction on Taiwan Boulevard was gradually completed-2

As one of the important roads in Taichung City, Taiwan Boulevard (the section between Wuquan Rd. and Liming Road) was known for its heavy traffic that results in surface deterioration on both northbound and southbound motorcycle lanes along the sides. The Taichung City Construction Bureau in the end of May started its "repair" project to coordinate the construction scope, to remove blackboard trees with root rot, to install underground drainage manhole cover, to replace new pipelines and improve road foundation based on the uniqueness of Taiwan Boulevard to resolve all related issues at once to provide a good traffic environment for citizens in Taichung.
"It is the most difficult mission of surface improvement!" said the Director General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Tai-Tien. The Bureau investigated reasons that caused the surface deterioration of Taiwan Boulevard and found the problem of floating roots of blackboard trees of the section between Zhongming Rd. and Liming Rd. The Bureau removed these blackboard trees and repaired the edges without causing impacts on the urban landscape and road safety to resolve the problems and at the same time, to prolong the service life of the road, for surface that is seriously damaged, road foundation improvement was conducted to strengthen its loading capability.
Director General Chen further said that due to heavy traffic of Taiwan Boulevard, there are difficulties to maintain and repair pipelines. Additionally, on two sides of the Boulevard, there were several construction projects. To avoid road excavation deriving from household pipeline applications and emergency relief, the Bureau met and collaborated with other eight agencies to assist prior applications and installations of household pipelines on the Boulevard. The Bureau also worked with Taiwan Water Corporation and Shin Chung Natural Gas Co., Ltd. to assist the pipeline constructors to install underground drainage manholes to make the surface flatter and to avoid slips and falls during wet weather.
The Bureau said the surface improvement project of Taiwan Boulevard began since this March and now the removal of blackboard trees has been completed. Currently, Stage 1 Improvement Project was carried out at night to avoid impacts brought to citizens in Taichung. This Project also included sections without the concern of pipelines as well as replacement of water pipeline about to be completed (respectively between the low speed vehicle lane on the south of Taiwan Boulevard between Liming Rd. and Henan Rd., between Zhongming Rd. and Zhongxing Rd, and between Zhongxing Rd. and Daren Rd.)
Contact person: Mr. Huang at the Taichung City Construction Bureau
Contact telephone number: 04-22289111 extn. 34023

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