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Commencement of Wude St. Expansion; Mayor Lu: "A New Gateway to Connect to Dazhi Rd."

Connections of Dazhi Rd. brought more traffic convenience as well as prosperous commercial and construction development in the nearby areas. The Dazhi Rd. effect was created. To initiate expansion of Wude St. that was delayed for the last five years, the Taichung City Government communicated and negotiated with land owners to obtain their approval for expansive connection of Dazhi Rd. from Dazhi North Rd., Wude St., to Nanjing Rd., the last mile of the Project. Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen today (the 3rd) attended the commencement ceremony and thanked the support of the land owners by praising them as heroes of urban development. She also wished the success of this Project as scheduled for building the new gateway of economic boom in the old downtown area.
According to Mayor Lu, the connection between the front and rear Taichung Station has long been the wish of citizens in Taichung to jointly develop both areas. Last year with the joint effort of the Construction Bureau and the Urban Development Bureau of the Taichung City Government, Dazhi Rd. was connected to other routes and continuously Wude St. was planned to be expanded to bring more traffic convenience to the surrounding area.
Mayor Lu thanked the owners of the land on Wude St. from the Lai and Dai Families. These two families have been living in Taichung for more than six decades and in order to connect the rear station area to Nanjing Rd., they agreed to the expansion and attended the commencement ceremony in person. Mayor Lu also thanked the help of the Construction Bureau and the Urban Development Bureau for their planning and negotiation efforts. With the support of the Taichung Council, this expansion construction was made possible.
Director General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Da-Tien, said the expansion project on Wude St. was initiated in 2016 and to speed up the land acquisition operations, the team from the Taichung City Government actively communicate and negotiate with all land owners to finally obtain approvals of all to voluntarily dismantle structures for the purpose of expansion. The expansion had the length of 140 meters and the width of 24 meters and was expected to be completed within 160 days before the end of this October. The scope of expansion started from Bade St. to Nanjing Rd at the estimated amount of NT$34.12 million.
Director General Chen pointed out that at present, Dazhi Rd. has been one of the symbolic roads of the Taichung Station and in the future, after the expansion project is completed, the front and rear areas of Taichung Station will be completely connected to provide a safer and more convenient transportation environment that effectively integrates the mass transit system such as railways and buses. The Project was expected to activate overall development of the surrounding areas, connect cultural and scenic sites, attract visitors and bring more drive to the development of historical areas.
Attendees of today's event included Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen, Director General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Da-Tien, Director General of the Urban Development, Huang Wen-Bin, Director of East District, He Yi-Chen, Director of Central District, Lin Chung-Hsun, Director of West District, Wang Rui-Chia, Director of South District, Chen Pei-Yu, and Councilmen Cheng Kung-Chin and Lo Ting-Wei. Additionally, office representatives of Legislator Huang Kuo-Shu and Councilmen He Min-Cheng, Chiou Su-Chen and Li Chung also attended the ceremony.

Contact Person: Mr. Liu at Taichung City Government Construction Office
Contact Telephone Number: 04-22289111 extn. 33237

  • Data update: 2021-05-18
  • Publish Date: 2021-05-03
  • Source: Construction Bureauu
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