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The Integrated Traffic Network of West and South District Starts with Commencement of Underpass Filling

Rebuilding the Traffic Network between West and South District- Commencement of Guoguang Underpass Filling
Rebuilding the Traffic Network between West and South District- Commencement of Guoguang Underpass Filling
Incorporating with the elevation project of MRT, the Taichung City Construction Bureau started five underpass filling construction projects to actively rebuild the urban landscape and optimize traffic quality. Since 2019, four underpass filling projects were completed. The fifth one, the "Guoguang Underpass" filling construction project crossing the West and South District was commenced today (11th). During the nine-month construction period, the Jianguo South and North Rd. Viaduct was expected to be dismantled to improve traffic safety of the public and to connect the green axis and corridor and to facilitate the connection between the West and South District and regional development.
On behalf of Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen, Deputy Mayor Chen Tzu-Ching attended today's commencement ceremony and said after the filling of the Guoguang Underpass, issues of traffic safety and flooding were expected to be resolved and underpass filling and dismantling of the viaduct were about to give more convenient traffic to the public and to rebuild the urban landscape of Taichung. He also gave thanks for the 70% subsidies provided by the Construction and Planning Agency as well as the support of various legislators and councilmen to make these projects become possible.
Deputy Mayor Chen also mentioned about inconvenience during the nine-month construction period and asked for cooperation of the residents in Taichung for making a detour and following traffic guidance on the site for the smooth project construction.
The Director General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Da-Tian, pointed out that the Guoguang Underpass is an important route between the West and South District and connects the Taiwan Provincial Highway #3 between Taichung and Nantou. Traffic was heavy here. In the past due to limitations of the Jianguo South and North Rd. and the horizontal crossing of the railway, traffic was always jammed. In the future, after filling, driving safety and urban landscape were expected to be optimized.
Director General Chen further pointed out that since 2019, the Bureau has continuously completed the filling of Taiyuan Rd., Yuanhuan North Rd., Jianchen Rd., and Wuquan Rd Underpass and in consideration of the impact on the traffic, the Bureau especially arranged different construction time for Wuquan Rd. and Guoguang Rd. Underpass. While "ensuring construction quality," the Bureau efficiently completed filling and opening the Wuquan Rd. before the Chinese Lunar New Year. Today, the filling construction of Guoguang Underpass has started. In the future, the Bureau will continuously promote the development of civic affairs for building the living environment with higher quality.
The Bureau said the total construction budget of the Guoguang Underpass filling will cost about NT$NT$72.61 million and with an active request of the Taichung City Government, the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior granted about 70% of the budget, about NT$41.77 million. The total length and width of the construction project is about 250 meters and 25 meters, respectively. In addition to the filling of the Guoguang Underpass, the drainage system and broadband pipeline were also constructed to bring positive effectiveness to local traffic network, traffic safety and urban landscape.
Attendees of today's commencement ceremony included Deputy Mayor Chen, Director General Chen of the Construction Bureau, Director General of the Political Affairs Office, Chan Cheng-Tang, Acting Director of the Construction Office, Chen Tsung-Ren, Director of the Construction Department of Construction and Planning Agency of Ministry of the Interior, Huang Yung-Hsing, Councilmen, Chiang Chou-Kuo, Chiou Hsun-Chan, He Ming-Cheng, Chang Kung-Chin, and Lo Ting-Wei, Director of South District, Chen Pei-Yu and Director of West District, Wang Rui-Chia, to wish for the successful construction. Representatives from the offices of Legislator Huang Kuo-Shu and Chang Yen-Tung and several community leaders also took a part in the ceremony.
Contact person: Mr. Ding at the Taichung City Construction Bureau
Contact telephone number: 04-22289111 extn. 33232

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