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Implementation of the Taichung Melody Program, 52 Featured Parks will be Improved this Year

Various Visits and Talks between the Construction Bureau and Local Representatives at the Design Phase of the Melody Program
Various Visits and Talks between the Construction Bureau and Local Representatives at the Design Phase of the Melody Program
The Mayor of Taichung City, Lu Shiow-Yen, cares for the children's playground environment and after taking over the office, she has strongly promoted the "Taichung Melody Program" to build harmony and friendly parks in compliance with the playground safety specification. Last year, 49 parks were renovated and this year, the three-phased design has been planned to renovate 52 parks. Among them, renovation of 14 parks in Phase 1 have been gradually commenced since August, especially incorporated with local featured cultures, they are expected to be completed at the end of October to make playgrounds at parks in Taichung safer and provide more fun.
Director General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Ta-Tian, said the "Taichung Melody Program" continuously transformed playgrounds at the parks. This year, the design for the renovation of 14 parks has been completed. The construction gradually began since August for the Shuzaijiou Park and Nanping Park in South District. Leming Park in East District, Dunhua Park in North District, Lilin Park and Shipai Park in Tanzi District, Zhongzheng Park in Dongshi District, Shuimwi Park and Dadong Park in Waipu District, Yoshi Park in Dajia District, Hsienda Park, Mingdao Park, Xingshiang Park, and Zizhi Park in Wuzi District. With the renovation, old parks will be transformed into locally featured satellite parks.
He further pointed out that the Melody Program plans a unique theme for each park to provide games that can interact with children of different ages. At the same time, children will get to know local environmental features. For example, Shuzaijiou Park in the South District is incorporated with the concept of car racing field by building the unique site for push bikes; Shuimei Park in Waipu integrates with local unique Yi Hu Troupe culture. Lilin Park in Tanzi District combines elements of Lilin Station by building the playground as a small train station. Based on the sun and river element, Zizhi Park in Wuzi District is designed with the image of the hopscotch game of "hopping over the river" to provide children with more imaginative spaces of diverse games.
Director General Chen emphasized that children can "Play safe with more fun!" He said to balance the urban and rural development, the Construction Bureau conducted inventory checks for parks in the mountain, coastal, hill and downtown areas for renovation. In the design phase, the Bureau especially visited and talked to local representatives many times to consider each park as different individuals by incorporating with local themes and presenting local cultures to meet the needs of the local residents.
Contact person Ms. Li, the Construction Bureau of the Taichung City Government
Contact telephone number: 04-22289111 extn. 33520

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