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To Satisfy Funeral Requests, the Construction Commences for the Columbarium Pagoda of Waipu Public Cemetery II

The Blessing and Praying Ceremony
The Blessing and Praying Ceremony
To satisfy public demands for funeral facilities, the Taichung City Government works to solve the issue of insufficient columbarium pagoda. Today (the 17th), the construction commencement ceremony for the Columbarium Pagoda of the Waipu Public Cemetery II was held with the plan to build the five-floor building on the ground incorporated with the innovative appearance of the tung floral shaped design as the symbol of the Hakka spirit. After completion scheduled by the end of 2022, the facility is expected to accommodate more than 20,000 ash spaces. It is expected to be used in 2023.
According to Deputy Mayor, Huang Kuo-Jung, Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen cares for funeral requests of the public by allocating budgets for the gradual improvement of funeral facilities. This year, the Taichung City Government simultaneously opened Tanzi Life Memorial Hall and Dongshi Funeral House for more columbarium pagoda spaces and memorial tablets in eight administrative districts. Among them, the 1st Garden Cemetery in Taiping District will be built with three columbarium pagodas. This July, the construction for the ashes of the unknown dead also started to resolve the housing problem. At the same time, with the replacement of air pollution control and prevention equipment of crematoriums, the surrounding air quality has been improved and "beautification of public cemeteries" will be continuously promoted to relocate some remains to columbarium pagodas to create more green lands by turning public cemeteries into parks.
Director General of Civil Affairs Bureau, Wu Shi-Wei, pointed out that at present in the Waipu District, there is only "Huai Der Hall" columbarium pagoda built in 1983 that can only accommodate about 1,039 ash containers. Since the Waipu District has a population more than 30,000, the relocation of two public cemeteries and the requests from residents in Dajia, Daan, and Houli, there is a special need to build a new columbarium pagoda that can accommodate more than 20,000 ash containers.
The Construction Bureau said the Waipu District Office began planning for the columbarium pagoda construction of Demo Public Cemetery II from 2010, and by 2016, the Life Ritual Administration Office of the Civil Affairs Bureau took over the planning with the assistance of the Civil Affairs Bureau. The building is designed with simple and bright images incorporated with the Hakka tung flower wall to symbolize the Hakka spirit of Waipu that transforms the public stereotype image of columbarium pagodas while maintaining grand and clean visual feeling.
The Construction Bureau described that the construction site occupies about 4,265 square meters with a budget of NT$80 million. The overall construction includes the five-floor building on the ground, 94 parking spaces, ash(remain) storage spaces, computer funeral facilities, a service center, a rest area for families, facilities for the disadvantaged and elevators. The construction is expected to be completed in the middle of 2022 and then will be administered by the Life Ritual Administration Office for decoration construction. All facilities are expected to be used by 2023.
Attendees of today's ground-breaking ceremony included Deputy Mayor Huang, Director General of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Wu Shi-Wei, Director General of the Finance Bureau, Lo Hsien-Fa, Deputy Director General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Yung-Hsin, Director of Construction Office, Yeh Shuang-Fu, Director of Life Ritual Administration Office, Liu Cheng-Chuan, Director of Waipu District, Yeh Lien-Ching, Director of Dajia District, Yen Chin-Yuan, Councilmen, Wu Min-Chi, Shi Chih-Chang, and Yang Tian-Chung as well as representative from the Office of Councilman, Li Jung-Hung to pray for the successful completion of the construction.
Contact person: Mr. Kuo, the Construction Bureau, the Taichung City Government
Contact telephone number: 04-22289111 extn. 39310

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