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Limited for Summer, Sunflower Blossoms at the Houli Environmental Park

Sunflower Field at the Houli Environmental Park
Sunflower Field at the Houli Environmental Park
Summer is a golden time when sunflowers following the Golden Shower Trees are in full bloom. On the over 1.2-hectare field at the Houli Environmental Park, golden sunflowers in full bloom welcome its visitors until the end of early July. With blue sky and white clouds as the background, everyone can get perfect photos! The Director General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Ta-Tian, said that the best viewing site will be the small hill on the side. He suggested visitors to take the loop trial and view the beautiful flower scenes from different angles.
Director General Chen pointed out that the Houli Environmental Park was a landfill of Taichung City and under the careful planning of the Construction Bureau, now it becomes the environmental park with multiple functions of environmental protection, ecological conservation and education. With the arrival of the new pandemic prevention and control life movement, here is the best choice for outing for families and flower lovers.
Director General Chen also would like to remind the public that before coming here, visitors can check the designated area of the "Tree Viewing Scenic Site" on the official website of the Construction Bureau (https://bit.ly/2YfoNWa) for more information of tree species, photos and viewing seasons in public spaces in Taichung including parks, green lands and parkways. At present, various visitors came to the Houli Environmental Park earlier than usual time and it is now more crowded. Watch for your safety when viewing flowers. Do not push others or step on sunflowers for maintaining the beautiful site.
Contact person: Ms. Chen The Construction Bureau of the Taichung City Government
Contact telephone number: 04-22289111 extn. 34058

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