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Report on the Connection Project of the Dazhi Rd! Complete Dismantling of the 12-Floor Building

Group Photo Taken at the Site
Group Photo Taken at the Site
The main structure of the "Dazhi Hui Academy" has now become history! The long-delayed connection project of Dazhi Rd. was commenced this March with the dismantling of the building. At present, the main structure of the 12-floor building on and above the ground was dismantled and continuous dismantling and backfilling of two floors underground is expected to begin at the end of June to re-start the expansion project of Dazhi Rd. The connection will be completed by the end of August and in the future, direct connection to Wude St. will make it possible to link up both front and rear stations of Taichung to facilitate the development of the East District.
Director General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Ta-Tian today (the 15th) came to inspect the site and said that the connection project of Dazhi Rd. had been delayed for 13 years and after the inauguration of Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen who actively communicated with the 24 owners of Da Zhi Hui Academy with empathy and successfully convinced them to sell out the building at the negotiated price. The building on the above the ground level was completely dismantled after dismantling was conducted by the owners at the end of February when business operations were terminated. During the dismantling, the Taichung City Government continuously cared and gave support to monitor the average dismantling speed of one floor every five to seven days.
Director Chen would like to especially thank all the owners of the Building who smoothly maintained the nearby traffic flow and ensured structural safety of the building and quietude at night. He also pointed out that this was done in order to complete the Dazhi connection project as soon as possible. His Bureau made prior preparations to plan for the construction route, contract the project and convened route coordination meetings. In the future, after the connection of Dazhi Rd., convenience to travel to the front and rear station as well as public transportation will be improved to facilitate a smoother nearby traffic flow as well as the development of the Central District and East District.
Today, the General Director of the Construction Bureau, Chen Ta-Tian invited Director General of Transportation Bureau, Yeh Chao-Fu, Director of East District, Chen Pei-Yu, Councilmen, Lo Tian-Wei and Cheng Kung-Chin, Leader of Xinzhuang Community, Hung Tsung-Yi and the Leader of Guoguang Community, Chen Ya-Hui, to the site and thank all the owners of the building again for their contribution to Taichung's development. Representatives from the offices of Legislator Huang Kuo-Shu as well as Councilmen Chiou Su-Zhen and He Ming-Cheng also attended the inspection.
Contact person: Ms. Chen The Construction Bureau of the Taichung City Government
Contact telephone number: 04-22289111 extn. 33263

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