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Transformation of Old Railway Image-Completion of Phase 3 Green Corridor Construction

Ribbon Cutting for the Construction Completion
Ribbon Cutting for the Construction Completion
After the elevation construction of Taichung railways, the Construction Bureau of Taichung City Government initiated the "Green Corridor Axis Project" to beautify original railway spaces and build the green corridor for bikers from Fengyuan Station in the north and Daqing Station in the south. Phase 3 construction starts from south of Daqing Station via Huanzhong Rd and connecting Guoguang Rd. crossing three administrative districts including the West District, South District and Wuzi District with the total length of 4.7 kilometers. Today (the 11th), Phase 3 was completed incorporating the spirit of "Taichung Melody" to provide additional recreational space for residents in Taichung and to realize the concept of Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen, "New Good Life in Rich Taichung."
The Construction Bureau today held the inspection completion ceremony for the "Reshaping Project of Railway Green Corridor Landscape" of Green Corridor Program. Mayor Lu said that during her legislative term, she cooperated with former Minister of Transportation and Communications, C. K. Mao, former Mayor of the Taichung City, Jason Hu to facilitate railway elevation. At the time, the Central Government invested an amount of NT$37.2 billion to complete railway elevation and since her inauguration, her cabinet has been working actively to repair the corridor under the elevated railway bridge.
The Mayor Lu explained that the section starts from Huanzhong Rd. to Guoguang Rd. and crosses three administrative districts including the West District, South District and Wuzi District with a total length of 4.7 kilometers and an approximate engineering amount of NT$140 million. She thanked the Central Government for providing about half of the expenses at around NT$70 million that lessen the local financial burden. In addition to beautification, the Taichung City Government also designed bike lanes, pedestrian walkways and corner sports squares to provide residents with designated safe recreational and sports spaces.
Mayor Lu mentioned that after the completion of the beautification construction, the section crosses three administrative districts and with the improvement of landscape, local development will be facilitated. Nosie and inconvenience are now improved and each household in that area now has a park in front. Citizens now are living a better life.
Legislator Huang Kuo-Shu said he expects to see a beautiful green corridor from the Central District, West District and South District. This project cost about NT$139.3 million and he proposed that the Central Government subsidize half of the amount. For the benefit of Taichung, he will work with other legislators from different political parties.
Director General of the Construction Bureau Chen Ta-Tien pointed out that this "Green Corridor Axis Project" has a total length of 21.7 kilometers consisting of 20.1 kilometers of green corridor project in three phases and 1.6 kilometers of green corridor railway axis project respectively constructed by the Constriction Bureau and the Urban Development Bureau. At present, Phases 1 and 3 of the "Railway Green Corridor Landscape Reshaping Project" have been completed from south of Daqing Station to Huanzhong Rd. via Guoguang Rd. with a total length of 4.7 kilometers and the approximate amount of NT$139.3 million. In the future, after its completion, this corridor will link up with the original loop of the Greenland Emerald Necklace Parkway and build a comfortable and safe road landscape and pedestrian environment.
Today's commencement ceremony was attended by Mayor Lu, Director General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Ta-Tien, Legislator Huang Kuo-Shu, Councilmen Lo Tien-Wei, Chang Yen-Tung, Chiu Su-Chen, He Ming-Cheng, and Wu Chiung-Hua, Director of Central Taiwan Engineering Department of the Construction and Planning Agency, He Chi-Hao, Director of Taichung Operation Section of Taiwan Railways, Su Chan-Lin, Director of South District, Hung Ming-Feng, Director of West District, Wang Rui-Chia, and Director of Wuzi District, Chen Chia-Jung. Representatives of Councilmen Li Chung, Cheng Kung-Chin, and Huang Shou-Ta also attended the Ceremony.
Contact person: Mr. Hsiao The Construction Bureau of Taichung City Government
Contact telephone: 04-22289111 extn. 39219

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