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Value Adding Taichung Melody Program to Increase the Green Land Rate of Taichung per Capita to Taiwan’s Top Two

Recognition Given by Mayor Lu to Efforts of Construction Bureau Team
Recognition Given by Mayor Lu to Efforts of Construction Bureau Team
The Taichung City Government has been strongly promoting the “Melody Program” and as of this year, 43 old parks and 14 public toilets were innovated. Hence, the green land rate of Taichung per capita now is increased to 9.56 square meters, positioning it as the second among Taiwan’s six special municipalities and Taiwan’s top 2. According to Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen, the “Melody Program” dramatically improves parks, toilets and children’s play facilities and surveys show that this is one of the most satisfied civic construction programs rated by citizens in Taichung. She hopes that more citizens can participate in the Program to build Taichung together.
Mayor Lu pointed out that in the past the Construction Bureau focused on hardware construction and ignored public participation. The “Melody Program” empowers public participation and realizes the vision of “Building and Planning Taichung Together” including very meaningful ongoing design competition and forums for parks. Additionally, this program connects the public and the private sectors including participation of voluntary workers and adoption of parks by private enterprises. She suggested that plates shall be set to thank the sponsorship by enterprises and to recognize their contributions to Taichung. By doing so, participation in the Program will be encouraged and let the public know “It is the most beautiful thing to take a part in building Taichung!”
Today (the 12th) at City Council Meeting, the Director General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Ta-Tian, gave a special report on the achievements of the “Melody Program” and pandemic prevention and control progress at parks. Director General Chen said the “Melody Program” renovates public toilets, parks, and children’s play facilities and creates a win-win situation by introducing the private resources.
He pointed out that the success of this program increases Taichung’s green land rate per capita to 9.56 square meters and this year 50 old parks and 21 public toilets have been innovated. Additionally, 556 sites of children’s playgrounds in Taichung will be certified in 2021 indicating the earlier achievement to acquire the certification one year earlier than January, 2023 as regulated by the Central Government.
Director General Chen said from 2019 until now, private enterprises have adopted walkways, parks, squares, green lands, park lanes, tree nurseries for a total of 114 sites and 14.6 hectares and each year, the maintenance fee of about NT$7.3 million is saved. This year the Construction Bureau initiated “the Participation of Enterprises in Project Management Program” and in 2021, ten private enterprises are expected to be matched to participate in the maintenance of parks and public toilets to create a win-win ecosystem.
Additionally, to encourage public participation, the Construction Bureau convenes “Design Competition of College and University Students for Characteristic Parks” based on the creative theme of “Parks in the Future” to invite the participation of college and university students from related departments and graduate programs of landscape design. The first-prize winner will win NT$36,000 and the “Parks in the Future Forum” will be held in September.
Director General Chen also mentioned that to prepare for the long labor day holiday, the Construction Bureau conducted visitor flow control at 11 popular parks (Yunquan Park, Xindu Ecology Park, Taichung Park, Chengchen Park, Sanxin Park, Fengle Sculpture Park, Rainbow Park, Wenxin Forest Park, Calligraphy Greenway, Pinglin Forest Park, Qingshui Aofenshan Park) and Gaomei Wetlands by walking around promotion for correct pandemic prevention and control concepts and requesting contractors for better disinfection and cleaning work to provide a safer recreation environment.
Contact person: Construction Bureau, Taichung City Government
Contact telephone number: 04-22289111

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