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Magic Rebirth of Xingquan Lake! Taichung City Government’s Successful Rescue via Water Introduction

Beautiful Xingquan Lake
Beautiful Xingquan Lake
It is magic! Located at the lakeside park of the Imperial Sugar Factory in the East District, Xingquan Lake was a natural lake formed from the long waste low-rising land left from a construction project in earlier years. In recent years, due to the pumping of underground water, the lake was dried out and generated an unpleasant odor. After taking over the office, Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen led her construction cabinet team to introduce water to the lake and begin ecological beautification work. In addition, water was pumped and refilled to successfully rescue the lake. Now the reflection of sky and surrounding sceneries on the lake looks like a piece of natural painting making it a popular photo site.
The “Taichung Office of Imperial Sugar Factory” was officially open last December and incorporated with the beautiful scenery of Xingquan Lake, it is now a popular photo site. Wild swimming ducks, white egrets and diverse fish species in the lake attract many professional photographers, those with popular IG accounts and wedding couples. In the evening time, many people come here to walk their pets or have a date with their loved ones. The place has become a must visit site in Taichung.
According to the Construction Bureau, “it is a breathing lake!” Xingguan Lake was a natural lake but it became the huge waste low-rising land after the termination of large-scale construction project in earlier years. Due to the rising natural water level, the lake was formed later. In 2017, after the completion of the acquisition project of the Imperial Sugar Factory, the water level of Xingquan Lake was lowered and a huge muddy land appeared where plants started to grow. Mayor Lu actively promoted the restoration project for the lake.
After several discussions with Land Administration Bureau, Water Resource Bureau, Cultural Affairs Bureau and Urban Development Bureau, the Construction Bureau decided to connect underground water generated from water trapped from the surrounding construction to underground storm water pipes to refill underground water to Xingquan Lake. The adopted measures became effective to maintain the lake water to a certain height level and the water rising up and down made it look like that the lake is breathing.
According to the Construction Bureau, to add features to this landscape, “heart shaped seaweeds” had been planted that attract many people to take their photos here. Incorporated with the sunset and the lake site ecosystem as well as surrounding scenic sites including Taichung Industrial Museum, Qianguo Market, ShowTimes Cinema and Taichung Railway Cultural Park under construction and Mitsui LaLaport Shopping Mall, this fantastic ecological scenic site will take the lead to attract visitors to the East District.
The Land Administration Bureau said the acquired area of the Taichung Sugar Factory originally belonged to the Taichung Plant of TaiSugar. In 1997, TaiSugar entrusted the Core Pacific Group to develop the Chinatown Shopping Mall project. After excavating, a big water pond was formed and the long delay in this huge factory area project impacted the development of the East District. The Taichung City Government by taking an overall review of the urban planning project readjusted land utilization and acquired the land by sections. In the 6.09-hectare ecological park, four are preserved for the dynamic balance of ecology, landscape and utilization under the planning principle of “water conservation, water storage and flood detention” for urban development and environmental co-existence.
Contact person: Ms. Li, Construction Bureau, Taichung City Government
Contact telephone number: 04-22289111 extn. 33520

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