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Recurrence of Historical Moment! Restoration of Fengyuan “Huludun Bridge”

Memorial Archway of Huludun Bridge in Fengyuan
Memorial Archway of Huludun Bridge in Fengyuan
The largest landmark of the memorial archway of “Huludun Bridge” inside Fengyuan Huludun Park was built in 2005 with granite rock punctuating grandness and solemn entrance image. To incorporate the overall landscape design of the 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo, it was redesigned. Along with the successful conclusion of the Expo, the Construction Bureau of Taichung City Government started the restoration project since this February to underscore the significant meaning of local important landmark. Now this restoration project is completed.
According to the Director-General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Ta-Tian, the memorial archway of “Huludun Bridge” presents important memories of many residents in Fengyuan and incorporated with the installation of “Fengyuan Disneyland International Fairy Tale Lantern Festival,” it became the symbol of local landscape. Upon seeing this memorial arch, visitors will know that they have arrived in Fengyuan. It is constructed with granite rock with each piece weighing 10 tons and welded with 10cm wide stainless steel to create the grandness of the entrance image. Its visual design connects with Huludun Bridge and Ruanpizai River. But in order to incorporate with the design of Taichung Flora Expo, only rocks with written characters were left at the entrance and other pieces were moved to be utilized as chairs. Along with the conclusion of the Expo, the Taichung City Government is now restoring the memorial archway to re-present this landmark with historical meaning!
Councilman Chang Ching-Fen pointed out that in addition to the memorial archway of “Huludun Bridge,” after the 921 Earthquake, the 921 Earthquake Relief Foundation and local leaders placed the stone sculpture of “the Rebirth of Phoenix” in Huludun Park to pray the peace in Fengyuan after the disaster. That stone sculpture only was moved to Shigang Reservoir to incorporate with the landscape design of the Expo. In this restoration project, the Water Resources Bureau of Taichung City Government also assisted to move the stone structure back to Huludun Park for local benefits.
The Restoration Ceremony of Memorial Archway of “Huludun Bridge” was hosted by the Director General of Construction Bureau, Chen Ta-Tian and Councilman Chang Ching-Fen, Former Mayor of Fengyuan City, Chang Yi-Cheng, representative of Legislator Johnny Chiang Office, and Community Leaders of Beinan Li, Fengchuan Li, Nantian Li, Dongnan Li, Shepi Li, and Chuanliao Li in Fengyuan District, Huang Wen-Liang, Cheng Wen-Hsin, Liu Nan-Chun, Tang Shi-Yung, Tu Li-Hsuan and Cheng Kung-Hu also attended the Ceremony.
Contact person: Ms. Lai Construction Bureau, Taichung City Government
Contact telephone number: 04-22289111 extn. 39213

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