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Maintaining the Clean Environment for “Pandemic” Control and Prevention! Disinfection Work at Taichung Park

Enhancement Cleaning Work at the Park by Maintenance Constructor
Enhancement Cleaning Work at the Park by Maintenance Constructor
Each day, Taichung Park greets many domestic and international visitors. In order to provide comfortable green land to the public, the Construction Bureau of Taichung City Government entrusted the maintenance constructor to disinfect and maintain facilities including the lake, plants and public toilets. Chen Ta-Tian, Director-General of Construction Bureau, said “Cleaning is the fundamental work to have a good environment!” Recently, to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Taichung City Government especially requested the maintenance constructor to disinfect and clean the children playground facilities and the park. At public toilets, hand soap has been regularly supplied to let visitors safely enjoy their visit to the park with comfort.
Shared by Brother A-Hou, the maintenance constructor, to maintain a clean park, in addition to cleaning and garbage disposal, there are works including cleaning of the lake surface, public toilets and park facilities. Plants also need to be watered and trimmed. With regular manual maintenance work, a good park environment can be provided.
Brother A-Hou pointed out that three types of work: “environmental maintenance,” “water surface cleaning” and “trimming” need to be operated. His staff need to arrive at the site early in the morning for cleaning and watering plants at the park regularly. For water surface cleaning, his workers need to wear a frog suit and take the boat to collect garbage and clean moss to maintain a clean lake surface. Lotus need to be replanted and utilizing concrete pipe and non-woven textile, soil needed for the growth of lotus is provided while trimming works are carried out manually. His workers regularly trim and maintain fence trees and grasses to maintain good looks and growth and to prevent attacks from insects.
Recently, the park attracts a huge group of doves and manure pollution from birds and animals often occur. The Taichung City Government began implementing “dove elimination project” to lure and catch wild doves before placing them at the cute animal protection of the Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office for better management. Meanwhile, high-pressure washing machine, water column and manual operations are used to clean the dirt and maintain relevant historical heritage items at the Park.
Contact person: Ms. Li Construction Bureau, Taichung City Government
Contact telephone number: 04-22289111 extn. 33520

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