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“Encore” of Taiwan Lantern Festival! Extensive Exhibition of “Carnival of the Animals” at Huludun and Central Park

Encore of Taiwan Lantern Festival- Extensive Lantern Exhibition of Carnival of the Animals at Central Park
Encore of Taiwan Lantern Festival- Extensive Lantern Exhibition of Carnival of the Animals at Central Park
The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival was successfully completed on February 23 with the record high number of 11.82 million visitors. It has been praised as the “Taiwan Lantern Festival Worth a Repeated Visit!” To respond to the “encore” request of the public and continue spreading the passion towards the Taiwan Lantern Festival, the Construction Bureau of Taichung City Government will move 63 sets of the most popular and classical lanterns of the “Carnival of the Animals” to Huludun Park in Fengyuan and Shuinan Central Park. Visitors are all welcome for the visit before the end of May!
General Director of the Construction Bureau, Chen Ta-Tian, said the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival has been a big success and when the Lantern Festival came to an end, many citizens proposed to the Taichung City Government to extend the exhibition. With thoughtful consideration, the Festival was completed as scheduled but the Taichung City Government planned to select the most popular classical lantern sets of “Carnival of the Animals” among children and adults at the Houli Horse Park and moved them to highlight parks for the benefit of the Taichung citizens.
Director General Chen further pointed out that the fantastic and cool “Insect Party” lantern will be exhibited at Zone 5 of the Huludun Park (between Zhongshan Rd. and Section 8 of Fengyuan Boulevard); enter the park from the entrance near the Administration Office of the Shuinan Central Park and go uphill to the secret scene of Tianchi, visitors can see the “Undersea World” lantern romantically reflecting the neon lights of the “Kenan Aiqing Bridge” on the pond surface. Additionally, near the visitor center on Zhongke Rd. adjacent to Section 2 of Henan Rd., the gigantic dinosaur lantern of “Brave Journey to Jurassic” stands there with the cute plump animal lantern of “Australian Dinner” by the side.
Director General Chen also reminded visitors that this lantern exhibition will be convened from now to the end of May between 18:00 to 2:00 at Shuinan Central Park and 18:00-23:00 at Huludun Park in Fengyuan. Visitors can also visit these two parks during day time since different charms can be appreciated for both day and night.
According to the Construction Bureau, classical lantern sets exhibited this time belong to temporary installation covered with fragile fabric materials and the public is reminded not to touch them and no climbing on these objects. Security guards will conduct regular patrols and a surveillance system is also installed to protect and continue the atmosphere of “Dazzling Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung.”
Contact person: Mr. Lai Construction Bureau of Taichung City Government
Contact telephone number: 04-22289111 extn. 33108

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