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Visiting Park Experiential Facilities Educational Training of Urban Friendly Park Space Organized by the Taichung City Construction Bureau

Team Workshop
Team Workshop

Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen has actively promoted the "Taichung Melody Program" with the aim to build a friendly environment. The Taichung City Construction Bureau a few days ago organized the educational training of the "Friendly Urban Park and Playground Spatial Experience" by selecting two interactive parks including Fongfu Park in Nantun District and the 823 Artillery Battle Memorial Park in Beitun District. After visiting the barrier-free facilities and the sharing workshop by team members, parents and children were able to take part to communicate and build consensus through diverse channels and to build Taiwan’s happiest city.
According to Director General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Tai-Tien, this educational training was held outdoors and in the morning, "on-site experiential visits" to Fongfu Park in Nantun District and 823 Artillery Battle Memorial Park in Beitun District were arranged to allow the trainees to get to know the different needs of users via role play activities. Trainees were given baby carts, wheel chairs and sticks to play the role of child, the senior and the disabled. In the afternoon, an indoor workshop was conducted by inviting the President of the Association for the Promotion of the Disadvantaged Children, Chou Shu-Ching and Professor of the Department of Architecture of Feng Chia University, Tung Huang-Chi, to give talks. Through the discussion and opinion exchange, attendees were able to understand the direction of promotion policies and voice out their thoughts to the public sector.
Director General Chen explained that in consideration of the pandemic, the Taichung City Government delayed several events but the Bureau never stopped its planning of the "Taichung Melody Program" and the promotion for "harmony parks." This event was attended by many citizens including parents and teachers from Taoyuan, organizations that promote the rights of the disadvantaged, design groups and children with the aim to create more friendly public playgrounds for kids.
Exchange time was organized at the end of the training. Director General Chen presented certificate of awards and gifts to kids that participated to encourage them to learn. Each group also elected their partners who actively voiced their thoughts. Tokens of appreciation were provided to thank the people for their passionate participation and contribution to promote the Taichung Melody Program. For more relevant information, please visit "New Park Era" on the Facebook fan page ( https://reurl.cc/lL36oA ).
Contact person: Division Chief Lee of the Taichung City Construction Bureau
Contact telephone number:04-22289111 extn. 33930

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